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Hail Merry

Hail Merry founder Susan O’Brien, left, and CEO Sarah Palisi Chaplin pose for a portrait at their Dallas Office. The company was founded on the drive to promote healthy living through organic, non-gmo and fair trade principles with their foods.
Hail Merry founder Susan O’Brien, left, and CEO Sarah Palisi Chapin at their Dallas Office

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Chocolate Chile Pecan TartChocolate Creme TartChocolate Mint TartCoconut Vanilla Creme TartDark Chocolate Sea Salt MacaroonLemon MacaroonPersian Lime TartReduced Sugar Recipe Blueberry Acai TartReduced Sugar Recipe Strawberry Rhubarb TartRoyalNutPaleo ChocomerrybitesMeyer Lemon TartChocolate Almond Butter TartCaramel Sea Salt MacaroonReduced Sugar Recipe Sweet Potato TartVanillaalmondsCookiedoughChocolateMacaroon PurevanillaPumpkintart

Hail Merry is a category redefining snack food company born out of the raw foods movement that celebrates the benefits of plant-based dietary fats. We especially love raw nuts for their sweet flavor and good fats, as well as organic virgin coconut oil for its energizing medium chain fats and luxurious mouth feel. Our national award winning and truly great tasting recipes are low- temperature dehydrated rather than baked or roasted at high temperatures, which protects the integrity of our consciously sourced raw oils and pure ingredients, offering an unparalleled freshness and taste experience.

Our snacks are perfect as a pre-workout snack, for that personal moment of reward, school lunches, better for you snacking on the go, or for entertaining friends and family who also seek to elevate their snacking experience.

Loved by Vegans, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleos or anyone seeking pure ingredient snacks that taste great. Hail Merry is also led by women who seek to nurture each other, our employees, our customers and our families.

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