Ohm! Bucha Gets C.L.E.A.N. & R.A.W.


Ohm! Bucha

Ohm! Bucha offers you naturally fermented, unpasteurised and refreshing natural drink rich in probiotics.

Ohm!bucha, being a natural, fermented drink with no artificial enhancers, full of enzymes, bacterial acids and useful secondary metabolites qualifies as a functional drink:

Millions of live good bacteria in a bottle! Their products are unpasteurised – meaning all the good enzymes and other fragile components reach your body.

Ohm!bucha Kombucha Original

They offer a new, ecological, delicious and perhaps most importantly – Lithuanian product Ohm! Bucha. Their goal is to challenge sweetened, unnaturally carbonated drinks with a new and healthy alternative. They strive to ensure that these products meet the needs of everyone who cares about their bodies and are easily accessible.

Certified Products

  • Ohm!bucha Kombucha Apple 
  • Ohm!bucha Kombucha Original 
  • Ohm!bucha Kombucha Cherry 
  • Ohm!bucha Kombucha Lemon&Mint 
  • Ohm!bucha Kombucha Lemon&Ginger 
  • Ohm!bucha Kombucha Pomegranate 
  • Ohm!bucha Kombucha Passion Fruit&Lime