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Rallis Olive Oil began as a family business & remains the same today. Their olives are sourced from the beautiful olive orchards nestled in the mountains of Southern Greece. The warm Mediterranean sun nurtures the shimmery silver leaves & gnarly trunk of each olive tree that was wisely planted by their ancestors.

These olives are pressed a dramatic 20x-30x colder than traditional cold pressed. The result is an oil rich in flavour & body loving polyphenols that one can taste by their peppery goodness in each spoonful.

To ensure quality & freshness, the olives are picked & pressed within hours of harvesting. Each batch is placed in sealed containers & only opened when ready to bottle.


Health Benefits of High Polyphenol Olive Oil

  1. Promotes Cardiac Health
  2. Reduces Arthritic Swelling
  3. Promotes Good Brain Function
  4. Contributes to Healthy Looking Skin
  5. Helps to Stablize Blood Sugar in Diabetics

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