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The Herbs & Bees is a woman owned and operated business with a mission to bring safe, fresh skincare products into every household. Our goal is to take the confusion out of shopping by listing every ingredient, what it does and, how it is beneficial. We are obsessed with offering the purest and most elemental ingredients to our customers.

We are an ethically and environmentally conscious company that uses flower and seed oils instead of petroleum based oils. Our line uses the healing power of herbs, extracts and pure oils. Plant based oils provide the base for these products, instead of fillers like water. Our products are made from only the finest organic raw ingredients allowing your skin to detox and heal itself.

Our promise is to deliver one of a kind blends formulated exclusively from safe and natural ingredients. All our plant-powered blends are botanically derived and compromise free. If it doesn’t come from the Earth, it won’t be found in our products. Our products are designed to help you heal naturally and rejuvenate your body, while providing mindful and clean living. All our products are free of Parabens, free of Phthalates, and free of Lauryl Sulfates; and are fully produced in USA within our own Wayne, NJ manufacturing facility.

At The Herbs & Bees we believe in making our carbon footprint as small as possible. With that in mind we’ve made 100% of our packaging reusable and recyclable. We believe taking care of the environment is prerequisite to a healthier and happier human race.


Our story

They say a mother’s love has no limits. The Herbs & Bees Company started as a result of one mother’s struggle to save her child from a debilitating brain condition. When surgeries were unsuccessful, doctors ran out of cures and, hope seemed fleeting. Founder and CEO, Noha Soliman, refused to allow this condition to paralyze her child and began her journey to find natural healing methods. After many months and countless appointments with a naturopath, the doctors started noticing improvements: brain fluids starting decreasing, mobility to her arms and fingers were being restored and, she was no longer in pain. Her daughter’s astonishing recovery ignited Noha’s interest in holistic health. One class turned into many certifications, which turned into a passion, then a way of life, and now a career.



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