September, 2019 Newsletter

Below is our newsletter for September, 2019. If you have not yet had a consultation with one of our scientists to see if you are qualified for the R.A.W./C.L.E.A.N. certification, please select whichever time works best for you: Book a consultation with a scientist.

Newsletter | September, 2019

Statement From Our Executive Director

Hope you had a good summer! The R.A.W./C.L.E.A.N. Food Certification is pioneering a Standard for the global clean food movement. The Certification represents a science-based, integrative methodology to capture the “farm to table” journey of food. This month we spotlight Raw Juicery, an incredible company whose cold pressed juices define what the R.A.W./C.L.E.A.N. movement is all about. We have an upcoming Public Hearing to evolve and advance the Standard. I look forward to your input.

Warmest regards,
Neil Devine
Executive Director

Featured New Members

Raw Juicery is a California based manufacturer of cold-pressed, organic juices. Raw Juicery has been a valued member of Certified R.A.W. since 2018. Seven of their products are Certified R.A.W. Raw Juicery is making a mark in the beverage industry with their process of procuring the highest grade ingredients from the best suppliers worldwide and most importantly, not tainting their beverages with preservatives or heat pasteurization methods. Their adaptation of the Certified R.A.W. Standard has helped them emphasize the uniqueness of their products. We thank them for their continued support!

Upcoming Events

Our next event is the 8th Public Hearing that will be held on November 29, 2019, at 1 pm EDT.

Get Certified

C.L.E.A.N./R.A.W. certifications are holistic systems certifications for packaged food products and supplements, which integrate multiple aspects of the production process from ingredient selection to manufacturing to delivery – the entire supply chain.

They embrace and include other food certification requirements and principles like GMP, HACCP, FSMA, HARPC, USDA Organic, Non-GMO and more, and are applicable to a wide range of packaged food products and supplements, including snack bars, health drinks, fermented beverages, ready-to-eat foods, juices, oils, functional foods and nutritional supplements.

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